Thank you to Bill DeYoung of the St. Pete Catalyst and Tiffany Razzano of the St. Pete Patch for writing articles about our event at Green Light Cinema. The screenings of “Go Moan for Man” and Q & A’s after were well attended and made for unique memorable experiences on March 12th.

This event marked the first time we have had members of a panel discussion travel from out of state to participate in one of our fundraisers. Thank you Riva Sharples for helping us highlight and honor the legacy of your dad Doug Sharples‘ film and making the trip from South Dakota, to Lowell for a screening of the documentary on 3/11 and then traveling to St. Pete for our event on Kerouac’s 101st birthday, 3/12/23. Gratitude as well goes out to Erik Deckers of the Orlando Based Kerouac Project and Ken Burchenal owner of the St. Pete Kerouac House along with our board members for being part of the post-screening Q & A with the audience. The staff at Green Light Cinema also deserve credit for their social media help, beautiful indie theater, helpful atmosphere and use of real butter on popcorn.

Special shout out as well to Ray and Kyla at Creative Loafing Tampa for including us in the Things to Do Section along with Joe Bourdow of Radio St. Pete 96.7FM for promo and interview.

Link to Bill DeYoung’s article.

Link to Tiffany Razzano’s article.