Friends of Jack Kerouac House Shorten Name, Sharpens Mission

The Friends of the Jack Kerouac House, Inc has expanded its Board of Directors and refocused its mission. Newly elected board members include Monica Drake, Margaret Murray, Darren McFarland, Jennifer Harman, Tiffany Razzano, Trey Conner, and Jonno Wolfe. The full roster of members includes Bob Devin Jones, Charlotte Amanda Hagood, Tom Hallock, Jeff Mitchell and James Hartzell.

The group, a 501(c)3 which retains its legal identity, will now refer to itself as the “Friends of Jack Kerouac.” Since 2013, this non-profit has worked to preserve the legacy of the author in St. Petersburg and to protect his last home in the city, at 5169 10th Ave. North. The organization’s revised mission states: “The Friends of the Jack Kerouac House brings to life the literary legacy of Jack Kerouac and highlights his years writing and living in Florida, especially St. Petersburg. Through critical engagement, arts and cultural events, and community exploration, we strive to spark the creative spirit within us all.”

In 2019 the Friends of the Jack Kerouac House splintered, resulting in a separate entity, “The Jack Kerouac House of St. Petersburg, Inc.” The older group, Friends of Jack Kerouac, remains focused on the local literary heritage represented by the author, with less emphasis for the time being on property acquisition. Future plans include mapping outdoor routes for cultural-literary tourism, readings and critical discussions, as well as outreach with the community and allied groups.

Jack Kerouac lived at two homes in St. Petersburg, from 1964 to 1966 and from 1968 to 1969. The author of On the Road and many other works, he died of esophageal hemorrhaging at St. Anthony’s Hospital. He was 47.

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