Thanks to Margo Hammond for writing a very flattering piece in Creative Pinellas’ Arts Coast Journal about the poetry open mics of St. Pete.
Hammond begins with what could be considered the modern era of poetry open mics in the area, The Studio at 620 Birthed in 2004, the studio space has seen a multitude of poetry related events and open mics from “Say What?”, a spoken word event, to a live/virtual poetry reading between the Russian St.Petersburg, and our own, with Florida poet laureate Peter Meinke and former St.Pete poet laureate Helen Pruitt Wallace. The Studio@620 can be seen as a stronghold for the experimental and vibrant; it has nurtured untested poetry performances and hosted the sleek and sophisticated speakers of our town. Hammond goes on to list several monthly poetry related events at the space with KEEP ST. PETE LIT and Wordier Than Thou
We are extremely grateful to have been mentioned for October’s Dead Poets Society event. Our entire board came out and showed some love to the literary city with raffles, auctions, delicious poetry from another era and decadent jazz that dazzled the senses. Thanks to all who attended our most recent event along with those who helped support and make events possible throughout 2022. We are looking forward to making next year even more memorable as Friends of Jack Kerouac celebrates its 10th year as a non-profit organization. Please consider making an end of year donation via the website or our Tour de Kerouac app to help us continue serving the community with creative programming.
Check out more of Margo Hammond’s piece in Creative Pinellas Arts Coast Journal and as always, keep reading, keep writing, stumble into your curiosity, and hunger for the unknown ✨