Age of Kerouac: A Beat Generation Celebration

Art Exhibit Opening Reception Friday, March 4th 6-10PM at @thestudioat620 event is free and open to the public.

Food catered by @gateway.subs

Opening night will feature poetry readings and live music.

Age: A synonym for 100 years.

Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac: Known as Jack Kerouac, the famous author of “On The Road” & “Dharma Bums” was a pioneer of the Beat Generation who passed away at St Anthony’s Hospital, here in St Petersburg, FL in the year 1969. He was 47.

Beat Generation: An American counter culture movement in the 1950’s encompassing art and literature. Characterized by spontaneous expression, stream of conscious writing, cut up word collage, sexual liberation, spiritual exploration & the rejection of standard narrative values.

Age of Kerouac is a month long art exhibit in honor of what would have been Jack Kerouac’s 100th Birthday this March. Kerouac was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on March 12th, 1922. He completed 1/4th of his writing while living in Florida. Kerouac’s most well known novel “On The Road” was a narrative based on a series of road and hitch-hiking trips Jack went on in the late 1940’s spanning from New York to San Francisco, Denver, New Orleans and Mexico City.

We are seeking 47 artists to be part of this curated show. Artwork for the show can be about more than just Kerouac himself or his literary body of work but can encompass other artists and writers from the Beat Era such as Diane de Prima, Allan Ginsburg, Patti Smith, Carolyn Cassady, William Burroughs or Lawrence Ferlinghetti to name a few.

The improvisational spirit of Jazz music, irreverence, adventure, spirituality, non-conformity & portrayals of the human condition were central themes in many of Kerouac’s novels and poems. Artwork related to these themes, artists, writers & techniques from the Beat era, or places/cities Kerouac visited during his life are encouraged.

Scale of Artwork: Size of 12 in x 12 in maximum, work does not need to be square. 1 entry per artist, 2-D and 3-D works accepted.

Due Date: Tuesday March 1st, 2022 from 2-5PM

Drop-offs are at the exhibit venue, 620 1st Avenue South. St. Pete, FL.

Email to participate.